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Date: Thursday, November 13, 2008 @ 00:29:07 CET
Topic: Tool and Utilities

Code Authors announce the release of their new PHP Debugger script for *nuke webmasters.
Whether you are;
* a seasoned and serious developer and want something to supplement your PHP IDE development platform/ help hone your code for efficiency
* someone who just writes a few bits of code and needs something to help debug your code or tweak it for efficiency
* or just a conscientious webmaster who wants to check new or old code for problems
Then this tool is going to be an invaluable for your *nuke toolbox. The tool displays a discreet 'Debugger' image only visible when are logged in as the site admin which when clicked opens up the full debugger for your viewing pleasure.
Click the ReadMore link to find out more.....

The tool is easily installed - upload one file and add a couple of lines of code to mainfile.php. Here are just some of the features;
Time - view script execution time and compare time taken to execute the PHP code and mySQL queries
SQL - view all mySQL information - see all queries made, time taken to execute each query, memory footprint for each query, query errors
Logs and Errors - See all PHP errors in a color coded display, any files that were 'included' or 'required' during script execution (sensitivity level can be adjusted)
Variables and Configuration - See any available server configuration settings, server environment settings, server and user defined CONSTANTS, Cookie data, Session data, all GET variables, all POST variables and more..

No need to edit any files to turn the debugger on or off or CHMOD any files to write logging data. It is permanently on and only available to site administrators. In it's 'passive' state it presents a small discreet icon in the top right hand corner of your site and is activated by one click on the icon - so it is always ready for action to capture that illusive bug that has been annoying you in real-time.
Nuke Debugger is released under the GNU GPL License but there is a small download fee ($5) to cover server costs, development costs etc. As with all scripts released under the Code Authors banner, it works to your satisfaction or your money back.

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