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Game over? Micro$oft, Nokia adopt jQuery
Date: Friday, October 03, 2008 @ 15:32:21 CEST
Topic: Announcements

Microsoft and Nokia announced support for the jQuery JavaScript library. jQuery will be included in future versions of VisualStudio - unmodified - and the jQuery development tool will retain control of development.

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Raven: Well, it remains t be seen as to whether M$ will follow through. My most favorite operating system, ever, was O/S2. It did and would have continued to envelop window$ and when M$ saw what was happening they suddenly decided that the Big Blue alliance wasn't such a good idea.

It is worthy of mentioning that RavenNuke™ v2.3 is now using jQuery and we have already adopted jQuery as a standard in v2.4, along with PHP5.x. At least we saw the light before M$ :lol:

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