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More Free RavenNuke(tm) Themes
Date: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 @ 11:32:14 CEST
Topic: RN Themes

Here I am once again to announce the release of 2 more RavenNuke(tm) themes: Dreamer and JustGlass

Dreamer is a simple theme which I have upgraded to Version 2. I got my inspiration from the 6 years I lived in Japan.

JustGlass is another upgraded theme also to Version 2. I had fun with this one in creating the glassy look. It contains one active marquee and one hidden which you can open by clicking on a button. Matching forums and extra graphics are included.

You will need to be a member to download them. Visit me at Papa Mike Creations free RavenNuke(tm) themes, free registration, you just can't beat that deal.

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