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MReviews Advanced (v5.0) for RavenNuke(tm) Released
Date: Thursday, July 17, 2008 @ 18:08:15 CEST
Topic: RavenNuke

Hello Everyone,

As I said before on NC and RN sites I have resumed development of MReviews and here is the latest version for RavenNuke(tm). Features:
* Unlimited number of category nesting.
* Multiple images per review, with options to place each image in review wherever you want.
* Multiple reviews per title (Review/Sub-Review type.)
* Send to friend, Printer friendly page
* Request Reviews
* Maybe some more that I am failing to remember.

You can test it here: Test MReviews for RavenNuke(tm)

For discussions: Discuss MReviews for RavenNuke(tm)

and download it from here: Download MReviews for RavenNuke(tm)

For Next Versions:

No new additions!!, Yes that's correct, no new additions for future releases until the code is cleaned and stable .. right now it's way too messy.

But after that, I have plans to include:
* Captions on images
* Extra / Custom rating fields for each category
* HTML-izing (GoogleTap?)
* Upgrade scripts for upgrading from other version of MReviews and Nuke's default Reviews module.

But it's for future releases, first I need to clean the code.

So bye for now.

Raven to Salman - It's great to see you back! And a special thanks for getting a version out so quickly that's RavenNuke(tm) compatible :). Quality products such as MReviews continue to improve RavenNuke(tm)! I am going to grab a copy just ASAP and see if we might be able to get it included in RavenNuke(tm) v2.30.00 which is slated for an August release :).

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