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Backup your database yet?
Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 01:40:08 CEST
Topic: phpMyAdmin

Summers here are it's already hot. Almost as hot as the latest RavenNuke release.

How many of you have downloaded it and now have it running on your website? I bet alot of you have been surfing the web looking for a new block or module or even a new add-on for your site. Have you taken the time to ensure that your new addition was from a trusted source?

More and more people who run the most secure CMS there is are getting hacked through third party modules, add-ons, and other standalone applications.

How many of you have actually gone into your phpmyadmin and performed a complete backup of your database(s)? Afterall it's pretty easy to do.
-- Login to phpmyadmin
-- Choose the database to backup
-- Choose export
-- Look at the window and make sure that sql is checked under the export area
-- Download the structure and the data
-- I always choose the .zip option & save as file
-- Click on Go and find a real safe place on your desktop to store it.
-- I back mine up daily but that's personal preference

It won't keep your site from getting hacked through a third party application but it is invaluable if you do get hacked.

Remember to create a different database for each standalone application you have installed and back those up too.

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