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New release Multiheadlines 2.1-Web based feeds aggregator AND generator
Date: Thursday, June 12, 2008 @ 00:34:52 CEST
Topic: Add-Ons

As you may know Multiheadlines is a web based feed aggregator that can handle RSS, ATOM, RDF formatted feeds. It can be used mainly to publish feeds, coming through RSS, ATOM, RDF channel, directly on your web site.

With lots of options about how the feeds are gathered, posted/published, categorized on your site you will found this addon very useful.

The feeds are collected automatically, refreshed periodically, practicably you'll have loads of content on your site within minutes. Can boost up your site traffic.

New stuff on this release:

New on this release is that now the module allows you to GENERATE backend files[feed files] which allows you to syndicate various content[News, Web Links, Downloads, Reviews, Content, Forums/subforums] from your site to others. So starting from this version Multiheadlines it's also a feed generator utility.
Feed files are created dynamically from administration side...."My feeds" tab...where you can choose among RSS 2.0, ATOM or RDF formats, feeds with/without description, with/without dates, number of feeds, content to be syndicated(News [news category and topic], Downloads[all category/one specific category], Web Links[all category/one specific category], Reviews, Forums[all forums/one specific forum] and other options).

More descriptions about this new version can be read on www.aikons.net.

The addon can be downloaded after registration on www.aikons.net.

I would like to apologize for this loooong delay on this release and to thank you to the users who shared with me their thoughts about this addon and the ones who helped on translating.

All the best,

Aikon - aikons.net

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