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Top ten worst spam registrars notified by ICANN
Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 @ 14:32:47 CEST
Topic: Internet

Top 10 Illicit Domain Registrars
CHINA - Xinnet Bei Gong Da Software, BEIJINGNN, Todaynic
USA - eNom, Inc., MONIKER, Dynamic Dolphin, The Nameit Co/AITDOMAINS.COM, PDR, Intercosmos/DIRECTNIC

In a response to the recently released cluster analysis of the top 10 worst domain registrars in terms of spam and junk content hosting domains, the ICANN has taken steps to approach the non-compliant registrars :

More than half of those registrars named had already been contacted by ICANN prior to publication of KnujOn’s report, and the remainder have since been notified following an analysis of other sources of data, including ICANN’s internal database. With tens of millions of domain names in existence, and tens of thousands changing hands each day, ICANN relies upon the wider Internet community to report and review what it believes to be inaccurate registration data for individual domains. To this end, a dedicated online system called the Whois Data Problem Report System (“WDPRS”) was developed in 2002 to receive and track such complaints. ICANN sends, on average, over 75 enforcement notices per month following complaints from the community. We also conduct compliance audits to determine whether accredited registrars and registries are adhering to their contractual obligations,” explained Stacy Burnette, Director of Compliance at ICANN. “Infringing domain names are locked and websites removed every week through this system.”

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