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Clan Roster 2.0 Released!
Date: Thursday, April 24, 2008 @ 03:54:21 CEST
Topic: Modules

Clan Themes has finally released a new version of Clan Roster.

Whats New?
Multiple Games Added
Multiple Member Images (4 total)
Simplified User Interface
Added a Division system
Added a Clan Tag system
Switched to a template system for ease of use and customization.
Per-Domain Licensing System
Auto-Status Mod
Ribbon / Award Forum Intergration
Scrolling-side block

Fixed all the errors from 1.7
Tested on the latest versions of RavenNuke, Evolution, and Platinum.

Full upgrade script from 1.7 included.

Php 5 (should be available)
Pear (standard on most)
Ioncube loader compatibility

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