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KISSQ To Be Released Soon
Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 @ 12:51:42 CEST
Topic: Stock Quote Application News

UPDATE 10/5/2002 Between being sick for a week and out of town on business, the programming has all but stopped :(. However, all is pretty much back to normal now and I will be getting back to the matters at hand! Should still be about 2 weeks though.
I have locked down the code for the v3.0 release of KISSQ (Stock Quotes)! I am now working on the SQL code for the upgrade path, as well as some final QA testing. Not all of the wish list will make it into this release. These items DID make it into v3.0:
  • BLOCK  - Changed Broker links to a drop down menu to conserve screen real estate.
  • BLOCK  - Provide colored indicators for +/- indicators (red,green lights)
  • BLOCK  - Clean up format for when market opens from showing 100% movement when any of the factors are N/A
  • BLOCK  - Added mouse overs for Symbols to show Company name
  • MODULE - Allow entering the date purchased in order to allow multiple lots.
  • MODULE - Added setting to allow Webmaster to decide which method to use to calculate changes in daily prices.
  • MODULE - Added Financial news headlines.
  • MODULE - Allow selection of which market to get quote from. For example, to retrieve a symbol from OTCBB, Yahoo requires you to enter symbol.OB. KISSQ now only requires symbol and the user selects OTCBB and KISSQ automatically adds the .OB.
  • MODULE - Allow entering of more than 1 symbol at a time to add to portfolio.
  • MODULE - Added a HELP facility to the left of the Symbol input box. This will be expanded as time goes on.
  • MODULE - Miscellaneous format changes
Read on for the 3 requests that DID NOT make it into 3.0.

  • Allow multiple portfolios.
  • Chart the history data.
  • Symbol look up.

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