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Request A Theme Released !!
Date: Sunday, March 16, 2008 @ 15:51:03 CET
Topic: PHP-Nuke Themes

PHPNuke Clan Themes has released our new theme voting system, you can now ask for us to design a new theme and vote on it !

How it works:
* If your desired theme is not in the block, then submit a request and we will add it * Once your preferred theme is in the block you can vote on it, every 24hrs * When I'm ready to start making a new theme, and if your theme is at the top of the voting system it will be chosen * You can then see what theme is in the design stage from looking at the top of the block !

We hope you use the system to its full potential, it will hopefully save you lots of cash on that one of a kind theme experience !
The block can be found on our home page and the module page can be found here

Hope to see you there soon, PHPNuke Themes
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