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TegoNuke™ Mailer 1.0.0
Date: Sunday, March 16, 2008 @ 15:45:30 CET
Topic: Code Hacks

Why would someone need something like this? PHP-Nuke uses the PHP mail() function and many web hosts these days are shutting off access to this function. These hosts are now requiring authenticated SMTP. Hence the need for a replacement for PHP-Nuke's mailer functions. For example, the user registration process will not work properly as it requires an email activation link (to try and slow down spammers from auto registration).

For a more detailed explanation of the TegoNuke™ Mailer and a more detailed list of features, check out the TegoNuke™ Mailer NukeForge page.

This mailer was created for RavenNuke™ 2.20.x and is just a few key-clicks away from being able to use with SMTP (click on the TegoNuke Mailer link within the Administration Control Panel). For you non-RavenNukers (shame on you - lol), come Download TegoNuke Mailer now!

NOTE: You may be asking "why another mailer@quot;? When I had started to look for mailers to add to RavenNuke™ last year, I had reviewed PHPNukeMailer and I liked what I saw, especially in the admin area, but it had looked like it was no longer an active project. That is no longer the case! Also at the time, I liked what I was seeing out of Swift Mailer more than PHPMailer. TegoNuke™ Mailer AND PHPNukeMailer will both make fine alternatives for the community. So, since I had already implemented my stitched together Mailer into RavenNuke™, I might as well give the non-RavenNukers choice as well. :-)

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