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Ts Menu V 5.3 Multilanguage Version
Date: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 @ 10:40:42 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

New Version Of Ts menu V 5.3 Multilanguage

Language of This Version ( Italian - English - Espanol - Deutsch - Francaise )

The Ts Mený V5.3 is' a module for Php Nuke 7,6 that allows to directly create from the panel administration a mený for your portale; This does not have nothing to that to see with menu already existing which "Sommaire" or "PhpBB2". The Ts menu V5 allows to the total modification of the mený taking advantage of characteristic following: Through a form of insertion you will be able to insert the title it of the link of the mený, the link of destination, to choose the destination of opening of the window, the type of character, the dimension, the style, the color, the background, to apply effects of rollover, to choose a icona static and of rollover without having to make the upload of the rows in according to moment, but simply taking advantage of a function of insertion through the key it leaf through from the form same, to choose the dimension of the icona, to select all the types of colors taking advantage of one tavolozza compatible with all the browser existing completely integrated, to apply the edges to the mený, to choose of the dimension, the style (between different styles), to choose the thickness and side the every color single of the edge, oltretutto the possibility is had to include statistics more regarding important the situated one on which it will come installed. In this version beyond the graphical improvement e' be added the possibility to move the link to piacimento, a PÚ as fa' for the blocks from the panel administration of the Nuke. Through a preview panel all can be verified in real time the modifications brought to the mený. This version has been head on wl-nuke 1,0 (version of weblord) and on version 7.6. The operation on other versions is not guaranteed, even if us they would not have to be particular problems.

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