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Lāčplēsis - Warhammer Online Order Guild
Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 @ 05:26:19 CET
Topic: Miscellaneous-Off Topic

Guildname: Lāčplēsis
Faction: Order
Location: US Servers
Established: February 14th 2008
Website: http://lacplesisonline.com

Intro from our front page:

Lāčplēsis is an American, Australian, and New Zealander based guild for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning—playing on the side of the Order. Here at Lāčplēsis we want to promote an exciting, fun, and stimulating atmosphere where gaming and the community join together to accomplish esteemed goals. With members from opposite sides of the world, we hope to have a guild that is always alive during all times of the day/night. We are a mixture of both a hardcore guild and a casual guild—looking for a decent amount of gaming hours, but understanding that people have real-world responsibilities as well. We are a guild that wants to make impressions.

The name Lāčplēsis is derived from an epic poem that recounts the life of a legendary hero, Lāčplēsis, who was chosen by the gods to become a hero of his people. As a young man he kills a bear by ripping its jaws apart with his hands—giving Lāčplēsis the meaning “Bear-slayer”.

The FAQs:

Will Lāčplēsis play on U.S. or E.U. servers?

We will be playing on U.S. based servers.

Is this a “Role Playing” Guild?

Not really. We genuinely want our members to just be themselves—though we completely respect those in the gaming world that choose to RP within the game.

How large will the guild be?

We are unsure at this point. Once the game goes live, we will get a better idea as to how things will play out in terms of guild size. We mostly want to balance the feel of the smaller guild spirit with the abilities of a larger guild that is able create very large events and accomplish pinnacle goals within the game. As the guild matures and the game goes live we will get a better idea as to when Lāčplēsis will be at its capped size.

What is the main focus of the guild?

Primarily we are the most excited about the RvR (PvP) aspect of the game. We feel this is the main focus of the game itself, so this is where we wish to be the most successful. However, you can guarantee we will also do our fair share of PvE questing, raiding, and crafting!!

Is this an Order or Destruction guild?

We fight on the side of the Order. We like the idea of being the underdogs within the game, and fighting against all odds to overturn the tides of destruction.

Is this a multi-racial character guild?

Our members may play any of the Order races, whether it be the High Elves, Dwarfs, or Humans.

Can I add all of my characters to the guild or only my main character?

You may have any and all of your characters in Lāčplēsis, so long as we know which characters are your “alts”.

Why the name “Lāčplēsis”?

Lāčplēsis is a very unique and robust name. It will certainly be recognized throughout WAR as something strong and different. Also, we did not wish to unite under a name such as “The Redguard” as there will undoubtedly be a vast amount of similar guild names around. Lastly, the GM has a Latvian background, so Lāčplēsis seemed like the way to go Do you have a forum, chatroom, or voice chat server?

Yes, we do have a guild forum, which can be found on our website. We do not have a chatroom such as IRC and the like. We do have a Ventrilo voice chat server—the details can be found on our website.

Is this a Hardcore or Casual guild?

We are a mixture of both a hardcore guild and a casual guild—looking for a decent amount of gaming hours, but understanding that people have real-world responsibilities as well.

What are the ranks within the guild, and how is it structured?

Please see the Guild Ranks page with details of ranks within the guild.

What are the rules of the guild?

Please see the Guild Rules page with details on the rules within the guild. We believe these rules give players a reasonable amount of freedom within the guild, all the while helping preserve the good name and reputation we are building for ourselves.

Why should I join Lāčplēsis?

We want to bring Warhammer Online players a fun and exciting atmosphere that is well organized and administrated—an atmosphere in which every time a member logs in they are presented with stimulating events and great times with enjoyable members.

By setting up shop so far in advanced of Warhammer Online’s public release, it will give members a chance to get to know each other; and it will give the guild a chance to work out many issues prior to the game’s release—refining its quality to that of the highest.

How do I contact the guild about joining?

Please feel free to contact any member or officer on questions about how to join Lāčplēsis. Also, instructions on how to apply are posted on our forums..


If you are interested in WAR and/or interested in our guild please feel free to come and see what we're all about!!!

Thank you so much for reading!



Feel free to email me at virtualwar@lacplesisonline.com if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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