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PHP Nuke Integration with SMF ready for download!
Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 @ 23:01:29 CET
Topic: Announcements

The full 1.0 Version of SMF-Nuke is available for download! SMF is Simple Machines Forums.

Go to SMF-Nuke.com to download.

Also, 6 new multi-color themes totaling 65 graphic looks and made specifically for SMF-Nuke are now in the Downloads module.

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We have taken PHP Nuke 7.6 patched, and moved the code way past that. All code is written for XHTML Strict compliance. Also, all data variables are filtered and escaped. We have combined some existing code for security purposes. We have made a filter_text() function and a save_filter_text() function. Each firstly checks html, then checks words. filter_text() stripslashes and save_filter_text() addslashes for database input.

Finally, we did a mysql_free_result() on all database queries.

SMF-Nuke uses the SMF members tables, groups, and themes. There is NO nuke_users table or nuke_authors table. Admin functions are protected by SMF code.

All other PHP Nuke database tables are the original code, except a groups field has been added for the messages, blocks, and modules tables. This enables SMF-Nuke to use the SMF membergroup functions much like NSN Groups does.

All original PHP Nuke modules have been converted for use, and a few others are added.

All original PHP Nuke Blocks will work in SMF-Nuke. However, PHP Nuke Modules must be converted. We are converting selected modules as we have time. Currently we are finalizing a gallery type module.

If you are using a current PHP Nuke install, SMF has created a conversion file to convert phpBB to SMF.

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