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PMCCT V1.1a released
Date: Thursday, December 13, 2007 @ 00:45:27 CET
Topic: RavenNuke

PMCCT 'Papa Mike Creations Customizable Theme' is getting better and better in terms of user friendliness and functionality. This update replaces all prior releases. A theme file with only 8 lines of code controls all of the external files which are tucked away in the support folder.

One file to work with, configuration.php. Controls every aspect of the theme. Look at www.papamikecreations.net and see the theme there which was created using PMCCT in just 5 minutes.

Works with Mozilla and IE. The tutorial can be accessed from my site and you can also download 2 themes made using PMCCT.

Version 1.1a was released after I stripped out the code in the theme.php file and moved everything into the support folder paving the way for the introduction of a new concept, theme plug-ins.

Questions can be answered through the forums.

As always anything I design is for Raven Nuke (tm) 7.6.

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