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Online CSS Scrollbar Color Changer
Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 @ 01:04:33 CET
Topic: Tool and Utilities

Use the controls below to change the color of your HTML scrollbars for Internet Explorer.
Enter your colors in hex format, e.g. "FF0033" or click the color chip for a popup color picker.
The CSS for the scrollbars that you create is displayed automatically below. Copy it into your HTML page to easily change the scrollbars for your website.
Note: Firefox doesn't support colored scrollbars and the tool won't appear.
CSS Scrollbar

Admin - The reason FireFox (and just about any other browser than IE) does not support messing with the scrollbar is that FireFox attempts to be 100% standards compliant. IE 5.5 (and later) support non-standard CSS properties (and other properties) to alter the appearance of scrollbars. Designers really should not touch a scrollbar's appearance as it's actually a part of the User Interface (UI) and, therefore, poses usability problems. Scrollbars are really not a part of the canvas that designers should have influence over.

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