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PMCCT Version 1.1 released today
Date: Sunday, December 02, 2007 @ 02:49:57 CET
Topic: RavenNuke

I released Version 1.1 today with a lot more in the way of graphics support. It is available for download to all members for free.

Here's the changes in Version 1.1:

* Increased the support for the logo graphics. Three data cells support the logo with an image file and two background files.

* Fully configurable marquee. Every aspect of it can be changed to suit your needs or you can turn it off.

* Forum support, I removed the .css file from the forums and placed the code in the themes main .css document (style/style.css). You can configure everything from there. In Version 1.2 I plan on making the forums more user friendly so you can configure them also.

* Placed config settings for the button link background.Placed leftbar / leftcenterbar / rightcenterbar / rightbar config settings. Those are the graphics on either side of the blocks.

Version 1.0 can be used to build a simple theme while Version1.1 can support a more graphic intense theme.

Please go to http://www.papamikecreations.net to view my theme there which was built using PMCCT 1.1.

Once again, PMCCT 1.1 was designed for RavenNuke (tm) 7.6 V2 ONLY.
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