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Spam Stopper v 0.2
Date: Monday, November 19, 2007 @ 13:21:19 CET
Topic: Spam Stopper

Spam Stopper v 0.2 by Guardian2003
- Please see the BugTraq file within the distro for bug fixes (Thanks to Evaders99)
1   Check incoming referer to see if your own site is listed on the referers site (a form of a back-link check )
2   Check incoming referer to see if the referer contains banned words (viagra, vwar etc)
3   Check incoming referer against several third party referer blacklists
4   Check incoming referer to see if it has an open relay (most spammers can be caught this way)
5   Facility to 'whitelist' domains at will
6   Facility to 'blacklist' domains at will
7   One-click facility to report spammers to the Code Authors spamlist database
8   Facility to report hacking attempts to the Code Authors database
9   Extensive color coded logs to enable admins to see 'at-a-glance' which referers are black/white listed
10  Facility to maintain your own list of 'bad words'
11  Facility to ban domains and also send that data to Nuke Sentinel (tm) blocked IP table to permanently block the domain.


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