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PMCCT PMC Customizable Theme
Date: Saturday, November 17, 2007 @ 23:37:38 CET
Topic: RavenNuke

Today I released PMCCT after months of coding and testing. This is a stable release tested on IE and Firefox with excellent results.

PMCCT is a theme building utility written in PHP. If you have never been able to build your own theme then you can now.

The package comes with 2 sample themes I created during early and later stages of development and one to get you started called ReNameMe.

There is only one file to go to and make your configuration changes. Configuration.php holds all of the settings to change almost every aspect of a theme.

And this is only version 1.0. I have lots of supporting features for later releases. Some are theme add-ons, forum configuration, and more.

PMCCT comes with a indepth tutorial to help you along and you can also get support through my forums.

Go to PMCCT PMC Customizable Theme to become a member and download PMCCT for free.

AS A FOOTNOTE: PMCCT was designed to run on RavenNuke (TM) 76 V2 Only.

Helping to support the Raven community!

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