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Clobs Module Alpha release :: see online-tests
Date: Sunday, November 11, 2007 @ 14:49:11 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

lycanist writes "This is a very alpha release of this module, a mixing of blogs with clubs. I started it from scratch while I used some open source classes. from what I see so far it has enough features like a mini forum, shoutbox, templates, RSS feeds, Syndicate with other websites-blogs (rss fetch), Pinging of some services, Permalinks, Polls, Logo editor, (included some fonts) and a template editor so the user can change the parts of the chosen template to be more personalized.

Actually for the very first release I used 2 templates, one of wordpress, and one of phpnuke, I didnít used any template engine.

Anyway you can see a live example at http://eleos.mpes.gr

The code in 98% is instructed and uncommented so its gonna be a pain in ass, its also hard to install it, because it needs some modifications, phpnuke it self, doesnít set the cookie for wildcards, (if you wanít to use subdomains in the form of name.yourdomain.com instead of the url-var ones) also you need to escape some HTML checks in mainfile.

The module it self doesnít do any bad-cookie check, so itís going to be unsafe in unpatched version.

For the permalinks in form of hmtl you need mod rewrite.

If anyone can help into improving it would be very nice.

I did that mixing because most of people who looking for blogs, they actually looking for clubs, while they flooding their blogs with addons from external services and often they are out of the real meaning of a blog.

In a matter of fact, i started it as clubs, but soon it could be a blog alike.

You can download it right now over here, the link is http://hybrid.gr/Clobs_modulev0.0.rar

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