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Plea from netenberg.com, the creators of Fantastico De Luxe
Date: Friday, August 31, 2007 @ 16:07:07 CEST
Topic: Emergency Aid

As you may know through the news, large parts of Greece are burning for the 6th day now. Whole regions are deserted and 64 people have already died in the fires:

Netenberg.com have donated and have published donation links on our website, whenever there was a big disaster and public help was needed. We did this when a tsunami hit the Indian Ocean, we did this when New Orleans was flooded, and we have done this on other occasions.

As you may know, netenberg.com has its roots in Greece. The founder is of greek origin and is a resident of Greece. We are personally impacted by this disaster. Therefore we have decided to ask you, dear customers, partners and friends, to help us help these people.

We have added a special email address to our PayPal account: firedisaster@netenberg.com
Please feel free to donate ANY amount to this account. We will collect all donations to this account and will PERSONALLY give the money to people in need:
- People who lost their relatives in the fire
- Families of firefighters who died while servicing the public
- Families who have lost their house

Netenberg.com will match all donations (up to US$25,000) to this fund. All donors will be published on our MAIN website (company name and amount unless otherwise specified in the "NOTES" field when you donate via Paypal). All those who receive help from our fund will also be published on our website along with the amount received.

Please click here to donate (note: we have created a tiny URL in order to avoid the URL breaking into multiple parts. You will be forwarded to PayPal when clicking on the link: http://tinyurl.com/3xyahf

We thank you for your participation and hope that you and your families will never need our help.


Ilias Moisidis

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