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Phpnuke-clan.net finally re-opens!
Date: Friday, June 29, 2007 @ 01:49:07 CEST
Topic: Community

After more then one week close, the site are re-open. After discussion with the staff team and discussion with some potential buyers I have agreed to a deal proposed by Rob the owner of AreYouServed.com. The transaction will be made July 17th. I will introduce Rob to the management of the site and assist him for a transition period. All the current staff will have the chance to meet him on the forum.

PHPNUKE-CLAN.NET will continue to provide support and development service for PNC, Squery and Vwar. I know some person have trying to distribute and provide support of the script on other web site, but its without our approbation. The only official service for the PNC script are on PHPNUKE-CLAN.NET.

More news will be coming soon, check the news!

Thank you for your patience and your support.

We have contacted all staff by PM. Please reply to it, we want to know who are in the team. Also if you was not a staff member before and you want to join the team, contact "CrazyCrack" or "administrator" by PM on http://phpnuke-clan.net.

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