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Sec-Fix Patch 31704
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 @ 15:43:06 CET
Topic: Bugs - Fixed

Fix List
1-Cannot attach article to poll. (sengsara)
2-Censor mode in Nuke doesn't work. (sengsara)
3-Bug in Lost Password: mail_password function. (chican0)
4-Disappearing modules. (chris-au)
5-Stories Archive shows 0 comments on months even if article has comments. (chatserv).
6-Downloads module typo breaks the search form. (SuperCat).
7-Points don't get updated when posting or replying in Forums. (chatserv).
8-HTML tag errors in admin modules file. (SuperCat).
9-Missing $user_prefix in Web_Links LinksListModRequests global line. (chatserv)
10-Entire page gets displayed in popup windows. (djmaze)
Download here.
Users of PHP-Nuke Patched do not need this patch.

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