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slaytanik under new adress: slaytanic.sourceforge.net
Date: Friday, June 08, 2007 @ 20:50:19 CEST
Topic: Community

Hi Nukers on RavenphpScripts.com,

Slaytanik on a new site - slaytanic.sourceforge.net

slaytanic - Wednesday, June 06, 2007: "As you may have noticed, I am moving the whole site to the SouceForge servers, in the process some areas of the site may not properly work, there can be broken links here and there, but don't be hopeless, I am working to get all things working just out of the box ASAP."

see more - travel over to slaytanic.sourceforge.net see the great productivity:

Content Plus 2.0.5
Feedback Resecured 1.0.3
My News 3.7.0
My Reviews 1.0.0
PhpNukeMailer 2.0.0
Reviews Plus 2.0.0
SlayBook 1.0.0
Staff Module 1.0.1
What's New 1.1.0
Links Plus 1.0.0

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