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RavenNuke and many Nuke-Modules: the winning team with sustainable development
Date: Sunday, May 27, 2007 @ 21:45:22 CEST
Topic: Community

RavenNuke and many Nuke-Modules: the winning team with sustainable development

Get the fresh code of RAVENPHPSCRIPTS.com
he developes with a great team - uses CVS and bugtracker:

you want to customize, hack, tinker, tweak your site towards your needs :: get in contact with experts, coders, supporters, users and friends - exchange ideas,
knoweldge, know-how and much much more.

Hitskey_Shoutbox v1.0 from www.hitskey.com
SpamStopper Version 0.1 from www.code-authors.com
Member Application Version 1.0.1 from www.drivenbyfaith.org
File Repository Version 1.2 from www.guitarvoice.com
google-adsense-hack from www.luchtzak.be
Bitnile- bittorrentmodule for PHPNuke from Bitnile.com
N4G - WoW JoinUs Version 1.0 from www.nuke4gamers.com
Advanced Admin Login Version 2.0 from www.t3gamingcommunity.com
Babylon osdate Version 1.0 from www.belarus.it
Block: SWM User Menu Version 1.0 from www.staywithme.ir
KalenderMX Version 1.4d & Updates from www.shiba-design.de
File Uploader Version 3.2 from www.steezmatic-designs.com
GoogleMaps Version 0.7 from www.adamantio.net
Block: Gasbuddy Version 1.0 from www.nb-productions.com for phpNUKE
Nuke Flickr Version 1.0 from phpnukeflickr.comlanka.com
Clan Module Version 1.0 from www.team-ki.com
Nos Cart Version 2.1b from www.noscart.com
P-Gallery Version 0.8 from www.meisterbartsch.de
bourn Lounge Version 1.0 from www.onescrappysite.com
NukeMap Version 1.6 from www.blind-summit.co.uk
Arcade Version 3.0.2 from www.lekkerlui.nl
VoIP - tgloPhone Version 1.0 from www.kitmobley.com
Block: BannerScroll Version 1.3 from www.mechwarrior4.net

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