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FB's New Release And Continued Lack Of Support Policy
Date: Saturday, March 13, 2004 @ 15:54:09 CET
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Here is a direct quote from Franco Burzi, the current keeper of phpnuke, from his phpnuke.org 'club' site

"NOTE: Being a member doesn't give right to you to receive technical support. PHP-Nuke is distributed AS IS without warranty and without technical support. Any technical support email will be ignored."

Have you seen the new site? Read his new policy on releases? Read on for the entire 'announcement' lifted verbatim, from his front page.

Franco Burzi writes: "Hello Nukers! Welcome to the new phpnuke.org! This is the result of many hours of dedicated work in the last week. Not only there is a new theme but there is a totaly new server, a Dell Dual Xeon 2.4 Ghz with 2GB Ram, DRAC card, 2 SCSI hard disks, etc... there is also another server for backups purpouses. This was a big investment for me but I'm sure that all this will be added value to the project.

What you see is a new exclusive theme (no, it isn't available for download). This theme called Portal-Pro is the result of many hours of work, but it was fun to do it. Note that I didn't touch a bit of modules or core system's code to have this result, it's just the theme.php file who makes all. This can be a perfect example to show the world that PHP-Nuke's themes system has big power and is 100% customizable. I had the idea to change or re-write the news module to have a similar result, but after realized what I got with a single file in the theme, I must admit that there isn't need to change the news module.

The design, logo, general images also changed as you already noticed. In fact I think that this gives to PHP-Nuke a totaly different image from the previous one. Hope you like it.

This version of PHP-Nuke is 7.2. At this time I'm coding, checking changes, cleaning, etc. this code that will be available soon.

Comments on News and Surveys are up and runing again. Forums are also back, use it and enjoy this great community!

In the next few days I'll be catching bugs in this theme, fixing if needed and cleaning some stuff. Old comments will be restored soon also.

The new distribution model is the result after viewing some other open source companies and their activities to have incomes and stay alive. When a new version of PHP-Nuke goes to the Club, the old one will be released to the public at the same time. So, the Club will carry always the latest version available, that will be distributed for free when a new version goes out. This is a manner to maintain the incomes from the Club. The Club is the biggest income of PHP-Nuke, remember that the future development of this software should be finnanced in some way and this is my only work. Even if the Club never reached my expectations, I'm happy with how it's working. The support that any club's member gives when registering is the only warranty to stay alive developing this great software and evolving day by day. To all you: thank you!!!

The last point is that the Club's content sucks at this time. The latest version of PHP-Nuke isn't enought in change for your continous support. So, I'm collecting addons, blocks and themes and soon there will be a BIG database of resources in the Club. This can take some time because the material collected until now is VERY BIG and one by one should be tested against the latest version.

Due to licensing (TOC) problems with SourceForge and the company behing it, in a few days I'll move all the files to the new server and will forget sf.net forever. even if some parts of their services sucks, they was a nice support when my bandwidth was low, you should know what happens to the bandwidth when a file of 6MB is downloaded 80,000 times per month! Now I have bandwidth to host the file for my own and get rid of SF.

In the news submission section I receive lot of crap... I mean LOT. So I decided to start it from scratch and the module is now for registered users only. If you sent a news about any addon, theme, module, block, community, etc. and didn't saw it published, please, PLEASE resend it, hope that with this method I can filter the garbage and start publishing what really matter for the project.

Well... it's all for now... Hope you like it and enjoy this work... This site is yours, it's your home... Thanks for your attention and have a great day!"

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