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64BIT.US Creates First Solution To Recognize Mozilla Firefox Browsers In Nuke!
Date: Saturday, March 13, 2004 @ 21:12:25 CET
Topic: Tool and Utilities

In an effort to help other PHP-Nuke sites uniquely identify all versions of the Mozilla Firefox browsers, I have modified the statistics module and associated code.

For a demonstration of the new comprehensive "Statistics" module, you can visit http://64bit.us/modules.php?name=Statistics

In the download section of my site, you will find the statistics-new.zip file which contains all of the files necessary for your PHP-Nuke website to recognize all versions of the Mozilla "Firefox" web browsers.

I have also included a detailed readme.txt file that describes the exact steps to hand-code the modifications into your existing statistics module should you not be running the same version of PHP-Nuke that I am. (which is PHP-Nuke 7.0 with the chatserv security updates!)

I hope the community enjoys this modification as I think that it is important for one great Open Source solution to recognize another!

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