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Americas Army Stats Tracker Module v3.0
Date: Friday, May 11, 2007 @ 19:02:07 CEST
Topic: Add-Ons

The latest creation from Scorpion of Clan Themes is a module for the America's Army gaming community.

Official Article

This module allows you to track your stats from http://aaotracker.com/ and view them on your clan site.

Fixes from v2.0

Fixed the table layout of 'Players Playing Online'.
Fixed 'There is no player online!' message from showing if there's a player online.

Updates from v2.0

Added Macedonian flag image. Now 210 different flags images with corrisponding alt messages.
Added Player profile avatar image system.
Added Player profile status image system.
Added Player status away system. Now shows user_away.gif image in Clan profile and Player profile.
Added Player status away message in the Player profile. Customizable for each away player.
Moved the Clan Flag to top of clan profile.

Removed from v3.0

Removed the albility not to show the clan tag. Reason: Mucked up the player status system.

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