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RavenNuke[tm] v2.10.01 FixPack Released!
Date: Thursday, May 10, 2007 @ 22:06:59 CEST
Topic: RavenNuke

RavenNuke(tm) v2.10.01 is a fix pack for v2.10.00. The fix pack contains up to the minute fixes for all known issues (security and bugs) since v2.10.00 was released several months ago. It also contains NukeSentinel(tm) v2.5.08, the latest release. We have released it in 4 different compression formats - .7z .tar.gz .rar .zip. The .7z format offers by far the best compression ratio.

My sincere thanks go out to all the RavenNuke(tm) Team Members for their time, patience, and skills that it takes to create and maintain this release! Listed in alphabetical order: BobMarion, CodyG, Dawg, Evaders99, FireATST, FKelly, Gremmie, Guardian2003, JakeC, KGuske, Montego, and Susann

And last but certainly not least, the RavenNuke(tm) Team wishes to thank all of the supporters and those who find and/or offer up fixes. If you believe that you have not received credit where credit is due, please contact us immediately.

2007-05-10 v2.10.01 Minor Bug/Security Fix Release

In addition to the below fixes, TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles was bumped to version 1.1.0 with significant changes in hopes of getting even better search engine placement.
0000674 Addons - Dynamic Titles Replies with no Subject Causes Issues with DT
0000656 Addons - HTML Newsletter Review the HNL backend for possible "entities" issues
0000660 Addons - HTML Newsletter Normalizing priority - default s/b 3 - admin/functions.php
0000643 Addons - ShortLinks Shortlinks and Send Quick PM via Site Info v2.2.2
0000645 Addons - ShortLinks Problem with survey and short links
0000650 Addons - ShortLinks Usergroups View Next Page Error
0000658 Addons - ShortLinks Overall Page Tap was not restrictive enough
0000661 Addons - ShortLinks Stories Archive issue with
0000680 Addons - ShortLinks Have to change ShortLinks for removal of $ttitle from URLs in Downloads and Web Links
0000399 Addons - WYSIWYG Anchor href links being stripped in footer preferences
0000653 Addons - WYSIWYG Page break issue in Content module when using nukeWYSIWYG
0000671 Admin Functions - Modules New modules not being added (in higher mySQL versions)
0000676 Admin Functions - Modules Editing an admin's info produces a page of Notices
0000655 Admin Functions - Nuke White page when going to users module from admin
0000648 Core - backend.php forumsbackend.php Issues with Entities Being Chopped Off
0000662 Core - backend.php forumsbackend.php issue with ,
0000644 Core - mainfile.php Problem with Previous Nuke Having Renamed admin.php
0000651 Core - Themes Font size issue with styles
0000657 Core - Themes Hard coded "or" in theme fisubice
0000316 Installation/Installer Issue with "All Fields Must be Entered"
0000642 Module - Downloads Rate this Resource missing the site url
0000668 Module - Downloads Deleting a download category deletes all categories
0000673 Module - Downloads Downloads comments don't always take
0000678 Module - Downloads Use of $ttile in Downloads module causes Sentinel blocks
0000669 Module - Forums Slashes seen when moving, locking, and unlocking forum threads
0000672 Module - Forums Private Message Inbox, etc. "full graph" rendered incorrectly under IE6 and IE7
0000646 Module - News Read More link in news not working properly with comments turned off
0000649 Module - News Article rating link back produces 404 error
0000665 Module - News News comments displayed out of order bug
0000666 Module - News News Module "Send To A Friend"; Email link has &
0000670 Module - News Can't post news/survey comment with a link
0000654 Module - Web Links Add link notification email not right
0000675 Module - Web Links Web links confirmation email has sitename instead of admin email as from address
0000679 Module - Web Links Use of $ttitle in Web_Links module causes Sentinel blocks
0000249 Module - Your Account Last 10 Comments by User Not Taking User's Comments Preferences Into Account
0000407 NukeSentinel NS Flood Blocker Session ID on GET String Not Compliant
0000667 NukeSentinel Update 2.10.01 to Latest NukeSentinel 2.5.08 and IP2C
0000639 Other Robots.txt Should Have /ShortLinks/ in it

Please note that even though this is labeled a fix pack, it is a FULL release and not just the files that were changed.

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