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Gallery for Nuke-Evolution Available for Public Download
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 @ 11:18:31 CEST
Topic: Nuke Evolution

Gallery for Nuke-Evolution, has it all! For screen shots, click here. Follow this link for download details (registration or log in required). And not only does Gallery for Nuke-Evolution support images/photos but you may also upload videos and flash files! Full Evo Integration! NO SQL's!!! Comes with installer that configures everything for you! Use HTML for image titles and descriptions and so much more! Don't pay someone else to do it, simply upload and run the Configuration Wizard...That's it!

Just some of the features you will get with Gallery for Nuke-Evolution:
  • Auto re-size images on upload
  • Assign user and admin permissions
  • Upload images direct from your desktop!
  • Re-size and delete image(s)
  • Click here to read more of the benefits and features of Gallery for Nuke-Evolution

  • Customizable polling
  • Comments
  • Comes with two customizable blocks,
  • Log in to Gallery for Nuke-Evolution remotely from your command prompt
  • Batch process images
  • Assign mirror sites for your album collections
  • And really too many more to list here!
Just some of the benefits you will get with Gallery for Nuke-Evolution:
  • Statistics with configuarable reporting
  • Ease of use
  • Integrated album backups
  • Complete integrated users manual
  • RSS 2.0 (Customizable!)
  • Fully tested with Nuke-Evolution 2.x

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