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PRO Nuke Forms Available
Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 @ 01:12:10 CEST
Topic: Add-Ons

PROWHS_Tim writes "PRO Nuke Forms v1.0.0 is now available from www.prowhs.com Built for applications to groups or sites, the possible uses are limited only by your imagination. Read more for features.

11 different input types
Over 29 different admin controlled options
Operates on PHP Nuke database for website integration

----> Features <----

1. Multiple forms for different uses.
    1. Nearly unlimited number of forms and questions on forms.

2. Anonymous access to forms allowed by option.
3. Choose forum and group for review of each form
4. Record User IP in application database
5. User input options:
    1. Label
    2. Entry
        1. With default text in entry.
    3. Validated Entry
        1. Using regular expressions.
    4. Text Area
        1. Admin sizable box
    5. Password
    6. Check Box
    7. Check Box List
    8. Drop down List
    9. Radio Buttons
    10. Date input
6. Most user inputs can be passive or required.
7. Completed applications are stored in a database table.
8. Forms can be formatted with the responses beside the questions or under the questions (vertical).
9. Fields validated before the page is reloaded (via JAVA Script)
    1. Editor Compatible switch turns this off due to conflicts with add-on Java-Script editors.
10. User can be added to a selected group when their application is approved.
    1. Advanced User Color is supported as well as rank.
11. Application notification options:
    1. Small notice emailed to admin.
    2. Detailed (complete application) emailed to admin.
    3. Posted to a forum
        1. Topic watch can be set on for the selected group for that forum
        2. The selected group can be e-mailed
        3. A single user can be set to manage application status
        4. Notify user by e-mail on Application status change
        5. HTML or text formatted emails with PHP-Nuke Mailer support.
12. Forms can be limited to a group.
    1. If this is set on, the drop down list will only show forms the user can access because of group permissions.
13. User Application Status Block included.
    1. Colors for status text admin controlled.
    2. Display application in block selectable for each form.
    3. Show user name in block selectable for each form.
14. Other Admin options or features
    1. Set status for applications in the admin panel
    2. Set status for applications in forum post. (Must already be logged in as admin or set as form manager)
    3. Applications can be deleted from admin interface.
    4. Forms can be deleted from admin interface.
    5. Customizable welcome or terms text.
    6. Customizable Thank You text.
    7. Set number of applications taken.
    8. Customizable "No longer taking applications" text.
    9. Customizable "Application accepted" text.
    10. Customizable "Application declined" text.
    11. You now stay in the same admin section when you switch forms. ie. If you are looking at the application list for form 1 and you switch to form 2 you will be looking at the application list for form 2.
15. Other Features
    1. More intelligent installer.
    2. Drop-down list of all application forms available now on the top of application forms.
        1. This is admin selectable on each form.
    3. Full multi-language support.
        1. US English is included.

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