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RavenNuke[tm] Compatible Info Box Released
Date: Friday, March 16, 2007 @ 08:51:55 CET
Topic: Blocks

This version makes use of the new captcha system in RavenNuke(tm) and is also XHTML compliant.
You can find this RavenNuke version of the Info Box along with the normal version at nukecoder.com.
Also, Thank You Guardian for helping with testing and making sure it was XHTML compliant.

Info Box is a visually appealing site info block for your nuke web site. It provides users easy access to their profile, private messages, etc and shows a login box (with security code if enabled) for anonymous users. It also shows member registration info along with a list of the newest members (you can easily set how many will show). Finally it shows online users and guests (both configurable) with guests showing up as their ip address which is seen by admins but obscured from everyone else.

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