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Date: Friday, March 16, 2007 @ 08:43:48 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.3.2 - the great editor for PHPNuke :: celebrate the great site now - it has many, many services for the global PHPNuke-group

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kguske writes:
nukeSEO.com released an updated nukeWYSIWYG 2.3.2 with FCKeditor 2.3.2. The updated rich text / WYSIWYG editor for PHP-Nuke includes several improvements and fixes, including:
The editor now loads more than 3 times faster than before, with no impact on its advanced features.
New "FitWindow" toolbar button allows the editor to be expanded and collapsed for full-screen editing.
The "BaseHref" configuration is now working with Firefox in both normal and full page modes. This allows the editor to consistently display images with relative paths starting with "/" in both editor and preview mode!
The updated version has been extensively

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