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Copyrights removal - Ripping code, Disipal code ripped, about to close site..
Date: Monday, March 12, 2007 @ 10:27:24 CET
Topic: Community

PHP-Nuke community is the biggest in the world, from users who just use PHP-Nuke to designers and coders, who make a ton of addons and themes, either free or commercial. What’s my point? I am part of this community, making themes and addons, most of you know me, either from my designs, or well known module PHP-Nuke Tools.

And this is my complaint. There were always problems with people removing legal copyright of the coding, or even just copying parts of the code and called it theirs. I always gave permission of copying parts, adding my content into other modules or even porting into other systems. As long as, my copyrights remain intact, I get my sites traffic out of these copyrights as most of you do. What do I get out of this? Just helping others, and offering back all the goods that PHP-Nuke has given me?
But this is too much; recently a story was published at www.phpnuke.org "HTML To PHP Converter" by KenetixN, he did a great job with this module just like his designs, but HTML to PHP? This was part of PHP-Nuke tools from day one. He just changed its appearance a bit added a few tables, and renamed my JavaScript and just add it there. The code which took me hours to make, I wouldn’t mind if he had asked my permission and added my copyright there.

But this is unacceptable and I request some explanations on this matter. Most of you don’t care, but am sure that you all care when your copyrights are removed from your work. Its time something to be done with these people. I tried contacting him I got no answer, probably doesn’t have anything to say about his actions.

Therefore unless he removes my code from there or even asks for written permission, I will be closing www.disipal.net, because I am just bored to waste all this time to deal with people ripping of my designs and codes.

Sorry for any inconvenience but its time to take some action ....

Disipal, we here at RavenPhpScripts stand behind/with you and ask that you not close your site. We fully understand and sympathize with you. But, closing your site is not the answer. We understand discouragement - honestly. Hang in there and hopefully with the Community's backing, this will all get straightened out!

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