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NukeAuction Revamped - testrun the newest version now
Date: Thursday, March 08, 2007 @ 08:09:43 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

Travel over to www.6gun2.com/NukeAuction see the NukeAuction Revamped - celebrate the never ending success of one of the most powerful networks - celebrate the global network of invention. MBSimonds writes "That's right folks. Auction4Nuke has been dug out of the basement and a working auction module is back. For those of us who spent costly hours of debugging, finally a working auction module is back on the table."

New Features Added:
*Scrolling Auction Block - This module includes a block to scroll your auctions on your home page. The item image, title, current price, and a link to the auction is displayed.
*Item thumbnails - on auction home page. Live auctions will now have a thumbnail of the item on the auction home page.
*Category thumbnails - When browsing categories, any active auctions in those categories will now have a thumbnail of the item.
*Feedback in forums - Your members auction feedback rate can now be displayed in your forums next to their names.

Find out more about this new NukeAuction Revamped release at: http://www.6gun2.com/NukeAuction

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