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TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.0.0 Released
Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 @ 00:44:23 CET
Topic: Code Hacks

I have decided to release the version of DynamicTitles, which I added to RavenNuke 2.10.00, for the benefit of all the non-RavenNuke'rs (shame on you all - lol)! I have decided to support this version and possibly enhance it over time. Hence, the "birth" of TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles.

It is a belief with the SEO circles that having context rich page titles (i.e., Page Title) as well as good quality relevant and changing content are the most important "tools" for good page ranking (along with, of course, good quality backlinks). Well, I do not claim to be a SEO expert by ANY means! I am just a coder who likes the concept and is now willing to support it. If it works well for SEO, great, if not, oh well. LOL.

You may get this hack directly from the DynamicTitles Download Page.

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