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War Zone Flash Gaming Theme Released
Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 @ 00:33:15 CET
Topic: PHP-Nuke Themes

This is our first flash gaming theme for phpnuke community. Hope you all will like it. The theme will go with any game related, war zone related or battle field related websites. This is a flash theme so those of you who do not know how to edit flash file(.fla) or do not have any flash editor, please post your problem in our forum, we will modify the header for you.

Live DEMO of PND War Zone Flash Gaming Theme
Download PND War Zone Flash Gaming Theme [Only $9.99USD]

Here are some of the features of the War Zone Flash Gaming theme


1) This template is a very good choice for any gaming, war zone or battle field theme related website.
2) We used Adobe Photo shop and Flash 8 to give the theme's images and flash movie a professional look.
3) The theme comes with editable flash header (.fla), so that you can easily edit it (Flash v8.0 is recommended).
4) The theme comes with all the necessary fonts.
5) The theme also comes with many many PSD(photoshop editable) clipart files.
6) This package also includes a complete PSD HTML template which was used to create this theme.
7) The theme does not come with phpbb(forum) theme but this site(http://www.phpbb-design.com/phpBB2_styles_demo/) has hundreds of phpbb them, some of them may match our theme.
8) The theme tested with IE 7, Firefox & Opera .
9) The theme is also tested in phpnuke v7.6 and 7.7. It may work with other versions too.
10) Since we always think about small screen resoluttion users we made the theme to fit smaller screen size, although the theme will be best viewed by 1024*768 screen size.

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