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phpmyadmin version 2.10.01 went public - run demos online & get the code no
Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 @ 00:27:29 CET
Topic: phpMyAdmin

a brand new version of phpmyadmin.net went public
get the brand new version 2.10.01 - see demos and test run the newest version now online. enjoy the new version get the code now!

BTW:- we have even more good news; get a PHPNuke-rookie and launch your own Apache Server stack on you machine: get the ApacheServerstack at apachefriends.org comes with the newest version of XAMPP for Linux and windows - version 1.5.5 stable - great tool for rookies and advanced user

use it with PHPNuke HowTo [1300 pp to click here] the great online-HowTo at karakas-online is a part of a great rookie-toolkit.

btw the Apache Server Stack is a great tool that can be combined with other tools like

PHPNuke HowTo [1300 pp] ::
phpmyadmin.net - see demos and more !

celebrate the great network of innovation - we can rely on 200 000 user, developer, supporter and friends we have more than 1500 modules, blocks and hacks :: everything is continuously evolving. we have great repositories at warp-speed.de and great res source of knowledge - eg here at the overview on Hacks - see the Module-Announcements [Nukeforums.com]

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