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GCalender - An Event Calendar for PHP-Nuke - see shots nīload down now!
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 @ 21:00:00 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

GCalender - An Event Calendar for PHP-Nuke - great and featurerich

more infos / downloads here

Gremmie writes "Announcing a new module for PHP-Nuke: GCalendar 1.0.0!
GCalendar is an event calendar, similar to NuCalendar, but features more sophisticated repeating events. Events may repeat daily, weekly, monthly (by day or date), and yearly. Events can be submitted by users with optional admin approval. GCalendar uses CSS so site admins can tailor the look of the module to their themes.
GCalendar comes with a sample upcoming events block. GCalendar has been tested on PHP-Nuke 7.9 (patched)"

more infos / downloads here
travel over and see screenshots and much much more.-

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