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Addons: NukeC beta3 update - Classified Module for PHP-Nuke
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 @ 20:58:20 CET
Topic: Announcements

recent article [on phpnuke.org]

gicungco.org announce the great Addon NukeC beta3 update - a famous Classified module with a long developer history

anhhung_t writes "NukeC is an advertising system that allows website visitors or members to sell something by posting the information about the item that they want to sell. With the admin sections, you could easily manage all of contents and preferences in NukeC Modules eventhough you are not a PHP programmer. I have added three most requested functions by NukeC users to this version. For example, clients can now add their city, state, and country. This is useful if you want to know where most of your advertisers are located, or it's just easier to search by local areas. Tested on PHP-Nuke 7.6, but should work with other version as well. You can download it at my website under Downloads (registraton required).

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