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Date: Sunday, February 04, 2007 @ 10:40:52 CET
Topic: Community

Hello Nukers!,

First, Lets clarify "Nuke" means "PHP-Nuke", Many nukers like to modify PHP-Nuke in their own way to make it more secure with the latest patches, security, and some modules to complete their system, by which give the "PHP-Nuke" it's own name so it can be easily identified, plus it's a 1 complete package.

Second, cPanel a very powerful control panel, That has scripts called "Scripts Library" also known as "cPaddons", Iíve tested and learned how to create my own add-ons using PHP-Nuke and by which came of the idea of Nuke Pack.

Currently Supported: Mega-Nuke 5.0.2, Platinum-Nuke 7.6.b.4v2, Raven-Nuke 2.02.02, Nuke-Evolution Basic 2.0.1

Currently I'm selling it too continue the support, You can purchase it by clicking here.

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