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NukeTreasury - getting donations now is alot easier - get the module now!
Date: Friday, February 02, 2007 @ 21:37:16 CET
Topic: Nuke Treasury


NukeTreasury is a mod for PHP-Nuke. It adds front-end components to help you get your donations in the door, and back-end components to help you manage it. The mod is designed for organizations that require donations every month to pay their expenses. It provides a visual indication of how much money you need this month, who's donated, and how much is left to be donated.


travel over and support the sustainability - get the code and give feedback as much
as possible. Tell all your friends and customers about this module. work with it

Raven now owns this project so if you have ideas, etc., please post them to the forums at nuketreasury.sourceforge.net

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