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Ravenphpscripts.com ++ 15 000 devs, coders, supporers and users
Date: Sunday, January 28, 2007 @ 01:32:58 CET
Topic: Community

Do not miss the rollover :: Ravenphpscripts.com soon crosses the threshold of 15 000 devs, coders, supporters and users

Ravenphpscripts.com is a part of the global Nuke-Universe of Discourse - a true hot spot for knowledge exchange :: the site helps to generate and sustain the worldwide knowledge in ever Nuke matter.

Btw: we have enormous assets of Knowing in Practice: we can enact a Collective Capability in distributed organizing - if it comes to module-, block-, hack- development.

The organizational knowing of PHPNuke:: Ravenphpscripts.com helps to generate and sustain knowledge in our global distribute operations.

Let us celebrate this - we have the brightest future thinkable... ;-)

We have enormous assets of Knowing in Practice: we can enact a Collective Capability in distributed organizing. An essential role are playing sites like Ravenphpscripts.com, NukeScripts.net, NukeCops.com and other news sites and of course the file repositories...

The essential role of action in knowing how to get things done in complex organizational work. in our global community, knowing is not a static, embedded capability or a stable disposition, but rather an ongoing social accomplishment, constituted and reconstituted as actors engage the PHPNuke-world in practice.

In our geographically-dispersed Open Source-group, i suggest that the competence to do global product development is both collective and distributed, grounded in the everyday practices of PHPNuke-members, that means developers, coders, supporters, users and friends. We store the Work at repositories like warp-speed.de, phpnuke-downloads.com, Nukescripts.net, nukeressources.com, and all the other, globally dispersed repositories: To all; please add the code and the links to the page. We need to support interaction and knowledge exchange for the next 99 years.

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