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Date: Thursday, January 25, 2007 @ 18:47:31 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

Let us celebrate the global network of Invention!


Features That Run Automatically (depending on settings you choose):
Process membership activity status
Email notifications to inactive members
Delete inactive members
Mark inactive members for later review by admin
Delete member forum topics, posts, and private messages (php-nuke phpbb forums module only)
Retain deleted member's posts and convert to a new user ID (php-nuke phpbb forums module only)
Resync forums (php-nuke phpbb forums module only)
Mark and protect admin and anonymous accounts
Handle no-show accounts (members that activated via email but do not actually login)
Record/update various member statistics including IP, user agent, login time/date, page tracking, page hits, and downloads (php-nuke downloads module only)


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