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phpmyadmin - version 2.9.2 xx is out - testrun now
Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 @ 04:18:15 CET
Topic: Announcements

Celebrate the global respositories: PHPNUKE-downloads.com and warp-speed.de - they have thousands and thousands modules, blocks and hacks...These sites support PHPNuke.

What's new: phpmyadmin - version 2.9.2 xx is out - test run the newest version in online demo


This host runs some phpMyAdmin demos. You have full control over the MySQL server, however you should not change root, debian-sys-maint or pma user password or limit their permissions. If you do so, demo can not be accessed until privileges are restored, so you just break things for you and other users. Feel free to try any of phpMyAdmin features, if you break something, database server should be restored within hour. Databases are cleaned up on start of week, so do not expect that your data will stay here forever.

Demo is running on MySQL 5.0 in strict mode, site is served via lighttpd webserver using PHP as fast-cgi. All that is built on top of Debian GNU/Linux. phpMyAdmin has enabled additional relational features and MIME transformations. Demos use mysqli extension, unless stated otherwise.

You can find additional information about demo server and experiences with it on phpMyAdmin wiki.
You can find more information about phpMyAdmin project (snapshots, API documentation, statistics, translations status) also on my pages about it - cihar.com/phpMyAmin.



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