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DaDaNuke.org Releases PHP-Nuke
Date: Saturday, March 11, 2006 @ 01:35:41 CET
Topic: Community

Visit http://dadanuke.org for download and screens (registration is required). PHP-NUKE: Advanced Content Management System. A CMS empowers individuals at all levels, to express themselves and their message, whether it be community, retail or service. PHP-Nuke allows the webmaster and/or site editor, options, feedback and statistics. Unlike plain, "static" HTML, PHP-Nuke is dynamic and ever changing. This is possible because of database technology. Your PHP-Nuke database, collects and displays information, giving you and the end-user...a much gratifying experience.

This release is PHP-Nuke 7.9, with Patched Series 3.2 (unofficial chatserv with most current fixes as of date of this article) and BBtoNuke 2.0.19 applied. This bundle is fast and very nimble! Post patched series core file edits include: -Applied PHP-Nuke Patched - Version 3.2 for 7.6 – 7.9 (2/20/2006) -Updated upgrade18-19.php (new changes) -Removed upgrade.php -Updated nuke_headlines news feeds (nuke.sql) -Converted all special characters to HTML entities (nuke.sql) -Changed Custom Title from “Advertising” to “Advertise With Us” -Expanded $AllowableHTML array -Critical Pagetitle XSS FIX (2/21/2006) -Removed nukesentinel.png -Removed icon_arrowd.gif -Removed icon_arrowl.gif -Removed icon_arrowu.gif -Removed icon_cheesygrin.gif -Fixed MySQL Compatibility Issue -Fixed Topic Reply Preview (BBtoNuke 2.0.19) -Fixed Sort Post Order (BBtoNuke 2.0.19)

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