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JabberNuke.com now with more than 2100 members supporting the development
Date: Friday, March 03, 2006 @ 02:11:59 CET
Topic: Community

more good news on JabberNuke.com - get informed about the innovative project: - allready 2100 members support the development

JabberNuke opens up new ways of interaction for your Nuke-portal: Please travel over and look where Jabber Powered Meets PHPNUKE powered and creates Complete Interaction

JabberNuke.com opens up a Free Jabber chat server, to connect and share communication! Please check out JabberNuke.com , and sign up for a chat user, then get a client to start chatting now!

More about JabberNuke.com - get informed about the innovative project: :: please check back the forums :: Feedback via Contactmailer :: what is Jabber - get informed on jabber.org and on jabberpowered.org

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