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FraXStats Version 0.9c for phpNUKE Version 6.5 - 7.7
Date: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 @ 22:28:39 CET
Topic: Modules

FraXStats Version 0.9c from fraxstats.com for phpNUKE Version 6.5 - 7.7

Good news on fraxstats.com:: they come up with the newest version of FraxStats [see here first insights] :: more detailed screenshots

"There are several points why you should use FraXStats as your game server statistics. The biggest benefit of FraXStats is that it creates the statistics at the moment of request, this makes it very flexible and gives you even the possibility to compare players with each other, down to the level you need it, like kills per weapon per map per gametype at once...." read more - what is FraxStats - all infos at a glance

see detailed screenshots :: get help on the forums - support in serveral languages -

you want more modules, blocks and hacks for your PHPNuke - then travel over to the respositories - they have more than 3000 modules, blocks and hacks for you and your community - eg. at warp-spee.de and other respositories

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