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Date: Sunday, December 11, 2005 @ 00:09:24 CET
Topic: PHP-Nuke Themes

I'm going to give a once in a lifetime offer. I'm going to sell the COMPLETE set to a couple of my recent themes. This will include the PSDs and FLAs. This means that when you buy it you will be able to do anything with it. There will be no merged layers or anything. It will be just the way it was when I made it and cut it. I will be offering one XsV2 (This theme). It will include the PSDs, FLAs, and the theme as it is. If you would be interested in the theme with the sources let me know. I'm going to get rid of XsV2 with everything attached. I will be selling source files for XiodeV1, XiodeV2, XsV2, and Maybe a couple of the SK series. It depends on what you want. I will put up a forums post with more information on this. HERE

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