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Date: Sunday, November 06, 2005 @ 00:59:30 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

like the linux model and its dezentralized development model: one of the critical success factors for this new post-industrial organisational design: value creation is maximized when there is intense interaction and unhibited sharing of information, knowlege [and code] between the organisation and the surrounding community. here we go..: lets us improve knowledge creation, accumulation and dissemination by supporting the circulation throughout the internet.

please travel over and add your modules, hacks, blocks or code snipptes. And yes - Please add all your ideas suggestions, feedback, moans and all your general praise to the modules you find there;

some of the recent added mods are the following:
- miguelo.org released NaviNuke-Block für PHPNuke 7.6
- hecaro.net with a bunch of blocks for PHPNuke ...
- wind0hz98.com makes public the Cafe-Press Modul 2.0
- infinity-plus.com comes up with the RSS_WebLinks Version 0.1
- My News Module v3.0 Released on the My News Module v3.0 [demo]
- NukeMatch PRE Version 2.0.1 *Final (Full Package)
- NukeArmy.com is very active FIND - Forum Integrated News Delivery - Input phpbb mod (originally written by Adrian Cockburn). Now you can use it for your PhpNuke portal! This powerful solution will help any phpnuke webmaster
- see the many modules on hecargo.net - more than 20 Blocks for PHPNuke
and the webdever.net - the page with the User-Group-Modul
and the nextnet.se - see all various mods - eg. the TopMusic-Modul
- Static-Nuke - based on staticnuke.sharphorizon.com
- static-modules from Sunhelpdesk.com
- Approve membership module for PHPNuke developed on ulsoft.scarbridge.co.uk
- miguelo.org released NaviNuke-Block für PHPNuke 7.6
- Modules from sergids.com - a powerful site for PHPNuke.

see also the sites warp-speed.de and phpnukefiles.com and nukescripts.net - great sites.

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